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Bonkerz Bee Dohar

Rs. 2,099.00
The Bonkerz Bee Dohar is a perfect companion for your tiny tot. The vibrant color, texture and softness of this 100% cotton dohar will surely put your baby to sleep--no fuss, no muss! Made of 100% cotton, it comes with a snap-on Velcro strap so you can easily fasten it onto your baby's head board. With a frilly hem and carefully cut-out holes for the eyes and nose, this charming and cheerful dohar comes in three vibrant colors (sky blue, azure blue, black), and two sizes (newborn & infant). This Bonkerz dohar has around 250 threads per inch because of which, it is hypoallergenic and washable. The Bonkerz doherty/dohar can make your baby sleep tight at night so that you have a peaceful time during your high-energy day.
1 pc set :- Dohar
Color: white
Specially crafted for Little Kids.
Made in 100% Cotton.
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